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Education is key to the growth and development of any economy. In light of this, we strive to ensure our clients seeking admission into foreign universities are placed in their program of choice.

MARG Education constantly receives updates from various institutions around the world as a result of our strong relationship with foreign institutions of higher learning. This helps us to be aware of course/program availability at each time of the year - whether students are applying for Fall, Winter or Spring, we have sufficient information on how to seek opening for students. We also assists in admission deferments and because we have a “tried and tested” profile, applications and transcripts are honoured from our office. Different schools have their criteria for international students, this if not properly handled can deny someone his/her admission and may lead to delay in achieving the desired degree as at when due. Knowing this, we equip our students with all necessary information and requirement(s) from the schools. We always strive in helping students in MAking it Real and achieving Greatness (MARG).


We have continuously recorded a 99.9% student visa success for our UK students because we make sure they have the right documents before applying for their study visa. A lot of students and travelers are refused visas because they are not properly informed on what is obtainable. We also apply this process with other countries by making sure both students and travelers have the right documents before applying for their visa. Our visa advise services include:

  • Advise you of the necessary documents required to apply for your study permit/visa
  • Evaluate your documents against visa requirements
  • Update you on any changes in visa rules and regulations
  • Apply for your study visa on your behalf
  • sist with booking your medical examination
  • you are invited for a visa interview, we offer you an opportunity to go through a mock visa interview with us, where we provide you with likely format and examples of possible questions

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We are aware of how expensive it is to study and how cheap it could also be to study, so we provide scholarship advise to our students. There are various scholarship opportunities with some of the institutions we partner with and we also have our various Nigeria and oversea scholarships. In Nigeria we manage some of the scholarship schemes in the Niger Delta Region, so we can advise on how to apply for these scholarships. You also have scholarships from Multinational companies, the Federal Government amongst many other scholarships available


We run various training for individual and Government agencies in capacity building, school quiz for secondary school student, skills acquisition training and manpower development training. At present we partner with Niger Delta Development Commission for these trainings..

We have foreign and local partners that we bring in to run our training programs and in some cases we send the participants overseas depending on what areas they want to cover and they require a more practical touch to the training.


We carry out Computer Based Tests for schools, individuals and government agencies in testing of students/candidates for a more consistent test delivery, faster scoring and report generation, and enhanced test security. We constantly record an efficient way in providing security in our environment and questions while we also significantly enhance the candidates’ experience.