What We Do

Admission Placement

Intrinsicly monetize business strategic theme areas with exceptional resources. Uniquely embrace synergistic total linkage for premier systems. Collaboratively actualize sticky systems with intuitive metrics. Synergistically deploy technically sound results before fully tested sources. Compellingly parallel task synergistic infomediaries via maintainable e-business.

Visa Advice

We provide quality visa service. For our UK student visa application we have continuously recorded a 100% student visa success because we make sure our student have all the right documents before applying for their student visa. We also apply this process with other countries by making sure the student have all the right documents before applying for their student visa.

We also provide visa counselling for individuals wishing to travel outside the country.

Scholarship Advice

We are aware of how expensive it is to study and how cheap it could also be to study, so we provide scholarship advise to our students. There are various scholarship opportunities with some of the institutions we partner with and we also have our various Nigeria and oversea scholarships. In Nigeria we manage some of the scholarship schemes in the Niger Delta Region, so we can advise on how to apply for these scholarships. You also have scholarships from the Multi national companies, the Federal Government, UN, etc.

Training and Man Power Development

  • We run various training for individual and Government agencies in capacity building, school quiz for secondary school student, skills acquisition training and manpower development training. At present we partner with Niger Delta Development Commission for these trainings.

  • We also consult and train for the Rivers State Government.